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What’s behind the next gen of wood buildings

Today is a time when designers, engineers, architects and builders must find solutions for our limited resource environment. The answer is to use different materials and new technology, all while increasing efforts to enhance structural and safety performance. Regardless of what materials are used, regulations require all building systems to perform at the same level of standards in Health and Safety. Our passionate Oxford architects can help with these projects. Continue reading “What’s behind the next gen of wood buildings” »

Designing often involves compromise

Since the early 2000s, our company has been offering its assistance to clients aiming to complete a vast array of unique projects. Whether your scheme consists of a refurbishment, an extension, or is a new build entirely, we shall work alongside you to ensure that everything is constructed to the proper specifications. If you are after the finest Oxford architects to help you with your efforts, we’re happy to tell you that you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading “Designing often involves compromise” »

Try converting your bungalow’s loft

Our friendly firm is one that always keeps itself busy. Ever since our founding back in 2004, we have completed all sorts of projects for clients. This includes the likes of extensions, bungalow conversions, works on apartments, and entirely new builds altogether. If what you’re seeking is first class Oxford architects, you have definitely come to the right place. Continue reading “Try converting your bungalow’s loft” »

Dining rooms should reflect the ways in which they’re used

Oxford architects simply don’t get any better than the ones we have employed at our company. Experienced in performing a selection of architectural services, including the likes of extensions, both normal and timber frame, and entirely new builds altogether; they have the knowledge necessary to take on any project they’re assigned to. Regardless of your requirements and their scale, we shall tailor our work in such ways that we can guarantee a first class outcome. Continue reading “Dining rooms should reflect the ways in which they’re used” »

Keep some elements of the bathroom and change others

When we set up the business back in 2004, we wanted to do our best to provide clients with a friendly yet efficient service. As the years passed, the team’s proficiency grew, and before we knew it, we were considered one of the top architectural companies in the area. If you’re attempting to seek out some of the most skilled Oxford architects, then you should pay a visit to us. Continue reading “Keep some elements of the bathroom and change others” »

Timber frame style guide

AK Architects offers fast and friendly architecture service. Whether your project is a new house, an apartment development, or just a simple extension, we can assist you. Every service we provide is tailored to your needs, and our objective is to always help you develop your ideas. This has earned us a place as one of the best Oxford architects. Continue reading “Timber frame style guide” »

Using brick in architecture

AK Architects offer a fast and friendly service for all types of architecture. Whether it’s a simple extension, a refurbishment, a brand new house, or an apartment development, we offer the best services to help with these. Our reputation as one of the best Oxford architects is built on delivering great designs down to the smallest materials. Continue reading “Using brick in architecture” »

Sustainable designs are suitable for old and new buildings

Since our business was set up, we have been constantly busy in our attempts to improve the lives of customers by creating great architecture. Excelling in numerous areas, including extensions, bungalow conversions, and entirely new builds; we possess the skills necessary to meet a multitude of specifications. Being one of the top places to locate first class Oxford architects, our company is the one to contact if you need help with a project. Continue reading “Sustainable designs are suitable for old and new buildings” »