5 Bed House, Holtwood (Iconic AD, 2018)

AK Architects is a family business, offering a friendly service in a non corporate environment,providing sustainable design solutions for residential projects with both traditional and contemporary design. From feasibility and conceptual design through to production of construction details and project management on site, we can help make your project a reality.

We work alongside fellow industry professionals: structural engineers OMK Design, planning, environmental and ecological consultants Oxford Renewables with the intention of providing a comprehensive service detailing all aspects of your project.

We have recently expanded our business and joined in partnership with Iconic AD and are currentlyworking on some new high quality luxury homes in Oxfordshire.

Property Development

Urban Infill

4 Apartments,Iffley Road, Site Plan 2018

You don't need to be a builder or have any prior construction knowledge to be a property developer. If you live in an urban environment and have a large garden, there may be opportunity to develop the site.

We can help to evaluate your sites potential whether it involves extending and sub-dividing your existing dwelling or demolishing and re-building. Corner plots are often suitable for new houses. 

If development looks feasible, we will advise on potentialbuild cost, re-sale and projected profit margins. Why not make the most of your resources! Call us for a free site survey and initial consultation.

Corner Plot

3 Bed House, Town Furze, Site Plan 2017

Planning Applications

Whether its a house holder application for an extension, or full planning application, preparation includes drawing up scaled detailed plans, elevations and section drawings.

Along with the site layout plan, the drawings illustrate the proposal, and specify external finishes. We can include a street view, or CAD model to further illustrate the proposal within the street scene. 

A detailed description of the principle of the proposal arguing relevant planning policies, the Design and Access statement is included where necessary.

We provide a fixed fee quotation for preparation andsubmission of the planning application, which allows for any drawing amendments, if requested by the council.

The application process is monitored to determination and we will keep you in-formed of progress through out.

Single Storey Rear Extension, Cowley 2010

Building Regulations

Once planning has been approved, a fixed price for preparation of the building regulations package can be provided.

We work alongside structural engineers OMK Design, environmental engineers and ecological consultants Oxford Renewables, to provide a full and comprehensive service tailored to meet your project requirements.

It is these compliant detailed construction drawings and specification notes that are submitted to the local authority for building regulations approval.

These drawings are also issued to builders to obtain a fixed sum build cost price.

Oak Frame Conservatory, Witney 2006

Permitted Development

Permitted development rights have recently increased. This means if your project is small, you may not need planning permission. This could be a less time consuming and less expensive option for statutory consent to extend your home.

We will visit your site and carry out a survey, then draw up sketch plans and elevations to illustrate your extension.

We will then consult with the council to determine whether your project falls within your permitted development rights, in which case a full planning application is not necessary and the required paperwork for permitted development can be filed with the council.

Single Storey Rear Extension, Horsepath 2010

Sustainable Solutions

We are concerned about the environment and sustainability is a key ingredientof any new project. 

We have recently installed a solar panel primary heating system in a 5 bed detached house. The solar panels run the underfloor electric heating throughout the house and also heat the hot water storage tank. There is no gas central heatingsystem necessary, saving on expensive installation costs, maintenance and approximately 3 tones of CO2 emissions per year. 

5 Bed House, Kennington 2017

This project was commended in the Greater London energy efficiency regional awards 2018.

As well as helping to preserve the environment, heating your home from the sun is financially rewarding! You can expect a reduced electricity bill of less than £100 per month. Tesla battery technology is improving and forthcoming battery storage will enable the house to be entirely self sufficient and run off grid.

5 Bed House, Kennington 2017

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