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Incorporating technology into architecture

Architecture is always changing as people come up with new designs and concepts. At the home of the best Oxford architects, we understand this and always stay up to date. Consequently, here are a few of the ways technology is changing the way architecture works.

Smart Technology

The introduction of this allows you to link devices and control them from one source. This means people can control it from everywhere, including outside of the home. A common use of this is with lighting and heating.

Some people don’t see how this could be useful. But when you design a building this way, you can ensure your home is warm before you arrive. Also, you can turn lights on and off if you don’t want to have to get up.

There are also actions you can do such as turning a kettle on so that it is ready before you get out of bed. Tired of looking for the remote? Use your phone. Set up alerts to improve the security of your home. There are so many possibilities.

Power Sources

When designing a building, people add more outlets than they did in the past. This can be a useful feature for many who are looking for the chance to charge and power devices from anywhere. Most people have a mobile phone, and therefore the ability to charge it everywhere is valued.


Advancements in technology are also beneficial in the design process. Programmes and devices can make aspects easier. You can build 3D models and even use virtual reality. It is also simple to communicate with other people in the architecture industry. Keep up to date with developments and find new ideas.


People consider areas with good signal the best places to build. With everyone using mobiles often, they don’t want to be stuck in a place with poor connection. This is also sometimes affected by the building’s design, as materials can block signals.

Choose the Oxford architects providing a reputable service. You won’t regret working with our outstanding firm. Contact us today to discuss what you are looking for. We can help you design something everyone will love and you can include as much technology as you’d like.

Why you should go with a smaller firm

AK Architects is a small firm with a big commitment to great customer service. You may be cautious about choosing a smaller company; however we have proven experience. Have a look at our gallery to see the work we have completed in the past. With the range of services that we offer, you can pick whether you would like us to help with the whole process, or individual parts. When you work with us you get devoted Oxford architects to create something you will love.

Free initial consultations

Our initial consultation is free, giving us the chance to look at the site and talk about your ideas and plans. We will then provide a fixed fee quotation and complete breakdown of the services we offer, discussing the stages of work. You can have confidence in us, knowing that we are confident in what we are doing.

We are always tailoring our services for your individual requirements. The projects that we have worked on have ranged from large to small, all with their own individual needs. Our services are reliable; as a busy practice we also understand the importance of speed, while working effectively. We always give workable design options, perfect for your wishes. Communication is an important factor at every phase, so we will always inform you of any updates and changes.

Design ideas

If you are unsure about what you want, we can give you some design ideas that you may have not considered before. The idea is that we work with you, helping as much or as little as you want. An architect will always be available to discuss different aspects and any changes. This ensures you receive a personalised service, getting something you want.

We can help with the building process, advising you on the initial concept all the way up to the construction phase. Our team can also estimate project cost and timeline. Our Oxford architects have worked on many things, including extensions, apartment developments and new houses.

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Improve your home with an extension

At AK Architects, we have more than 10 years experience helping people create the perfect homes. We have a high quality team of Oxford architects ready to put our reputation to the test.

Should you get an extension?

If you want something new, think about building an extension. Many people move house because they need more room. In many cases this isn’t the only option though. Improving your existing property may be a viable alternative. It also means you can stay where you are if you like the area you live in.

Whether you’re looking to build an extra bathroom or extend your living space so that you can entertain even more people, we can help. Regardless of how big your plan is we can create the perfect design. This enables you to stay in your beloved home while adding on some much needed space, saving you the trouble of moving.

The right support

Our friendly company will be there at every step to offer a first class service. We work with buildings of all ages and styles, tailoring the project to fit your specific needs. You can listen to our suggestions or design exactly what you want.

In addition we work alongside you to make sure you get the correct planning permission. Some projects won’t require consent whereas others definitely do. We can help you to determine your requirements. On top of this we also help you get your documents in order to reduce delays.

It is a good idea to know how much you want to spend and set a realistic budget too. Consequently, this allows us to build something that you will love without emptying your pockets.

You may want to upgrade your home by converting a loft space or building a porch. AK Architects can survey your property to determine if your plan is feasible. We can draw up plans to illustrate your extension and discuss ideas.

Take a look at our gallery to see some of the projects we have completed for our clients. We like to challenge ourselves with new designs and unique briefs. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you. We know you’ll be happy with the work done by the most professional Oxford architects.

Is glass a thing of the past?

As professional Oxford architects, it’s vital we keep up with the latest trends. With the passing of 20th century glass building trends, we must look to newer and different ways of designing buildings. Although they represent progress, many major figures speak against the material’s overuse.

Why are glass buildings being criticised

Some of the questions raised regard the public and the environment. With many developers installing large windows, it increases price. Due to this, many people find apartments unaffordable. Additionally, producing glass isn’t always sustainable. This is especially true for building skyscrapers and their tall windows. Along with this, the material is notorious for trapping heat in summer and losing heat easily during winter.

The increased use of glass happened for the need for improvement. Post-war meant production was quicker, energy was cheaper and there was lots of rebuilding to do. This therefore resulted in glazed building production. However, architects are looking to other materials now. This is mainly due to its effect on the environment.

One view on glass architecture is it represents high energy use. Keeping this in mind, we thus need to move away from this and towards saving our planet. Today, the world is looking at architects to save us from global warming. This is understandable, as buildings contribute for 40% of energy consumption.

Although technology has supported to reduce heat loss in glass, architectural firms still need to use other materials. Thankfully, eco-friendly alternatives such as wood, straw, bamboo, recycled plastic and ashcrete are all available. So, the use of glass may reduce greatly now for the greater good. Similarly, it will be used in conjunction with other environmentally friendly materials.

As leading Oxford architects, we strive to provide sustainable services. Along with this, AK Architects provide timber frame buildings, utilising eco-friendly materials.

If you need our expertise, please contact us today.

How to choose an architect for your project

If you are planning on a building project, you should strongly consider hiring an architect. They can provide a comprehensive range of services and provide considerable value. Whether you are carrying out loft conversions, extensions or new builds, you shouldn’t go it alone. If you do need help, we have Oxford architects to support you.

Knowing when architects are legitimate

If you ever need to source one, The Architects Registration Board (ARB) keeps a register of them. Additionally RIBA, RIAS and RIAI are recognisable bodies within the UK. If an architect wants to gain Chartered status, they must have membership with ARB. Furthermore, they can elect for membership with either of the bodies.

What to check before choosing an architect

Before beginning anything, you need to ensure full understanding of what you want from the project. When you know you can clearly outline your vision, you can go through the process of finding a suitable architect. Furthermore, some things to check are:

– Check with local tradesmen and builders for any recommendations they have. They may have previously worked with renowned architectural firms that are suitable for your needs.
– When searching for firms, make sure to contact 2 to 3 different ones. You should discuss your project with each of them; outlining your vision clearly. This way you can see if they understand your ideas before making final decisions.
– When meeting different architects, query their approval rate. Also, make sure they have completed conversions and extensions in your local area. If they have, they will understand local building regulations.
– Query the services they provide and if there are any extra costs.
– Negotiate a budget for their services.
– Ensure they can secure approval for building regulations and planning permission.

Thankfully, many firms within architecture understand the need for these answers. AK Architects provide an initial consultation to cover your project ideas. From there, we give design advice and building process solutions if needed. Additionally, we provide a fixed fee quotation for your peace of mind.

If you need the services of Oxford Architects, please contact us today. You can also browse our website to get an idea of the projects we have already completed.